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When a drone
decimates a village,
will it still
make a sound?


of those killed from explosives are noncombatants according to 2017 report by UNOCHA


recored civilian deaths and injuries from explosive weapons around the world in 2021


number of forcibly displaced people by violence and conflicts mostly in rural areas in 2021 according to UNHCR

Rural bombings are on the rise,

affecting millions of farmers and
indigenous peoples

Yet, the world is not paying attention to their silenced suffering


Aerial assaults and attacks on farming communities often go unquestioned, unreported, and unaddressed.


These invisible barriers make justice for rural human rights defenders and communities an uphill battle.


Without justice, lasting peace remains a pipe dream for future generations.

Stop rural bombings now!

Protect rural and indigenous peoples human rights defenders!

Tracking Bombings of Communities

Uncovering unreported bombings in rural villages